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Be part of the change!

Are you a student with a desire to change the world?

Or maybe you are a company or organization, and you want to help meet the Sustainable Development Goals?

BlockchainxODS is your way!


What are SDGs?

On September 25, 2015, the United Nations General Assembly approved the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, with the objectives of eradicating poverty, combating inequality and injustice, and curbing climate change, including others.

This agenda marks global action for development by 2030 and, together with the rest of the global agendas, sets out a roadmap for action connected to each other to achieve a common goal: sustainable global development.

BlockchainxODS consists of a series of challenges distributed in different events where students from Catalan universities will carry out projects to achieve the objectives proposed in each case. These events are promoted by the CBCat together with the participation of other entities.


It is an opportunity for companies to get in direct contact with students and find, jointly, solutions to the different problems that arise; at the same time, these initiatives can be turned into real business models.

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The challenges

The challenges are based on a general and very ambitious goal:  


A challenge for every SDG

For each event, before starting, a more specific goal is specified on which to work, defined jointly with the main partners in the sector in question. 

This issue must be formulated in accordance with SMART principles:






Specific: The problem focuses on a very specific issue that affects the company or its customers

Measurable: the result must be measurable with clear KPIs (key indicators of success)

Achievable: there must be a person or persons (owner / s) of the company with a direct interest and / or responsibility to solve the problem

Relevant: The problem should be achievable by students and should not require confidential company internal information

Time based: solutions to the problem must be found and delivered within a certain period of time

Solar Panels in Mountains

Who can participate
in the challenges?


Students will be grouped in groups of 3 or 4 people, who may be from different universities, and from different degrees or masters. Participants can register either with an already created team or individually, in which case the organizers will assign them a working group.


The creation of multidisciplinary groups,   formed by students with different profiles and university disciplines, from engineering and computer science, to biology or health sciences, through communication and law, is encouraged. The more diverse the teams, the richer the solutions presented tend to be. To this end, the organization reserves the right to redo the groups according to the profile of its members.

While it is interesting that people who sign up have a minimum knowledge of blockchain technology, to make the most of the experience, the CBCat will provide mandatory training at the start of the challenges, which will provide participants with the basic knowledge of this technology, and its applicability. 

Each working group will design a solution to the problem posed. This challenge will strengthen your skills for teamwork, organization and presentation. In addition, it will consolidate its competence to be able to solve the problems presented.


It is not necessary to present the proposed solution in a state of full development, it may be a prototype, but the state of development of the solution will be one of the decision criteria of the jury.


Each challenge will feature a company or institution that will be the  partner  principal.


This will raise the challenge to be solved by the students, will contribute with mentors specialized in the subjects in question  to help them in the initial stages of the challenge, will participate actively in the various Q&A, and will carry out evaluation sessions on the performance of the teams.

In addition, the CBCat has the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce and the Department of the Vice-Presidency, Digital Policies and Territory of the Generalitat de Catalunya as the main institutional collaborators.


The jury is a separate body formed to evaluate the results and solutions proposed by the respective groups of students. E will be formed by the following representatives in order to guarantee their impartiality and objectivity:


  • A representative of the CBCat

  • A representative of the Department of Digital Policies of the Generalitat de Catalunya

  • A representative of the Chamber of Commerce of Catalonia

  • Representatives of the different collaborators

  • A third expert on the challenge in particular


In order to ensure the impartiality and objectivity of the jury, the representatives of the universities may not be part of it.

Què en diuen els participants?

Què endiuen els participants?

What is CBCat?

The driving force behind the BlockchainxODS challenge is the CBCat (Blockchain Center of Catalonia), of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, and with the collaboration of the Department of the Vice-Presidency and Digital and Territorial Policies.


CBCat aims to  promote the adoption of decentralized digital and technological assets (DLTs) in Catalonia through digital dissemination and literacy, not only with the industrial sectors, but with individual actors or collaborators, both public and private.


In addition, it also promotes, explains and educates on blockchain technology, being the axis of development, and the nexus between local and global communities, instigating economic and technological growth, and projecting Catalonia as a digital player in the international sphere.

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